We responsible citizens

pointing out the risks associated with extremely low frequency and radio frequency (ELF&RF) radiation,
based on the right to health,
based on the right to the natural environment,
based on the right to privacy,

in the interest of personal integrity, which must not be disturbed by ELF&RF radiation without our consent,
in the interest of sustainable nature, bees and the trees around us,
in the interest of freedom,

so we

  • electrical engineers, biologists, lawyers, astronomers, beekeepers
  • people who experience the negative effects of ELF&RF radiation on their own health,
  • parents who want a healthy environment for their children,
  • Slovaks living abroad, where the issue of ELF&RF radiation is approached more responsibly,
  • Slovaks living abroad, where the problem is approached even more benevolently than in our country,

striving to apply scientific knowledge in practice without propaganda,
opposing the deployment of 5G the way it is currently happening,
because progress must go hand in hand with responsibility,

we agree on the following reservations:

§ 1

Current limits are insufficient. ELF&RF radiation also has non-thermal effects that harm human health (especially children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly) but also pollinating insects, animals and plants. Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies show that much lower radiation intensities are biologically harmful.

§ 2

There are no 5G regulations for nature protection. There is a growing number of connected devices, antennas and satellites that increase energy consumption. The burden on the environment is also the unregulated extraction of raw materials needed for their production, and waste at the end of its short life. In addition, trees that prevent signal transmission is removed from urbanized zones.

§ 3

We are aware of the problem of data protection, and therefore of privacy, security and the resulting freedom. 5G multiplies the flow and collection of data and people do not realize to what extent. This increases the risk of cybercrime, resale, but also data leak.

We therefore decided to establish the civic association Elektrosmog and Health
and we promise to defend health, nature and safety
before the traps of the corporate lobbying.

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